Phase 1


Hello Student,
Hope your learning is going well. The last step of your course is to Crack that Exam!
Now, for taking your MTA exam it is mandatory to set your machine up and enroll for MTA
(Microsoft Technology Associate).
Two tutorial phases will cover the whole setup & your registration with Microsoft. There
tutorials have step-by-step instructions for the whole process of taking the exam.
These tutorial phases will be shared with you in two steps.

Phase 1:

Instructions to follow for setting up the machine & taking the exam:

  1. Compass can only be operated on the Desktop/Laptop. You cannot take your exam
    or operate a compass on Mobile.
  2. Compass is not compatible with MACs. Kindly, arrange a Windows Laptop with
    below-mentioned system requirements.
  3. Following should be strictly closed while taking the exam
    a. MS Office,
    b. Window Defender and
    c. Antivirus
  4. System Requirements:
    a. Window 8/10
    b. 64 bit
  5. Exam Timing: 20th to 25th June | 12 Pm to 6 Pm
  6. If you are not able to pass the exam: the retest of the same costs INR 1000/-. You
    can contact your manager in that case.
  7. Deadline to take your exam: One month from your completion of the course.

We will not be responsible for any inconvenience created to you during the exam, so make
sure to complete the Phase 1 & 2 tutorials.

Note: WhatsApp on 9811952666 once your laptop is set up, for us enter the proctor id and
passwords and start your exam.

Stay home, Stay Safe.

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