Phase 2


Hello Student,
Hope you have completed Phase 1 of the Tutorial. It’s time to complete Phase 2 and
reach one step to your exam.
In case, you did not receive Phase 1, click here.
Phase 2:
As mentioned earlier too, it is very important to set up your Laptop/Desktop/Macbook and
register yourself before taking the exam. We will not be responsible for any inconvenience
created to you during the exam, so make sure to complete the Phase 1 & 2 tutorials.

  1. Install the following software for the conduction of your exam.
    a. Anydesk:

b. TeamViewer:

  1. Provide us with your Anydesk ID and TeamViewer ID & Password when it will be asked by your Trainer/Manager.

Instructions to follow for setting up the machine & taking the exam:

  1. Compass can only be operated on the Desktop/Laptop. You cannot take your exam
    or operate compass on Mobile.
  2. Compass is not compatible for MACs. Kindly, arrange a Windows Laptop with
    below-mentioned system requirements.
  3. Following should be strictly closed while taking the exam
    a. MS Office,
    b. Window Defender and
    c. Antivirus
  4. System Requirements:
    a. Window 8/10
    b. 64 bit
  5. Exam Timing: 20th to 25th June | 12 Pm to 6 Pm
  6. If you are not able to pass the exam: the retest of the same costs INR 1000/-. You
    can contact your manager in that case.
  7. Deadline to take your exam: One month from your completion of the course.

After this, your exam will commence live with your trainer/manager. Please be patient till
then. Just complete your setup and wait to hear from us.

Note: WhatsApp on 9811952666 once your laptop is set up, for us enter the proctor id and
passwords and start your exam.

Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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